Propose in Spain

You pop the question, we take care of the rest.

"For freedom!"

William Wallace

Do you remember the marriage proposal and the secret wedding in Braveheart? They are so romantic, surrounded by the gorgeous Scottish nature, and it kind of makes you feel like you wouldn’t mind living in that century if you could love and be loved like that. We can recreate this perfect experience in the North of Spain. We will prepare a perfect arch and a romantic decoration. Your partner will walk among rose petals that are scattered in the middle of the nature. After the great question you can do a Celtic ritual like the Celtic Sailor’s Knot around your hands which is made of two intertwined ropes joined together. It symbolizes the union of two as one, a perfect description of today’s modern bride and groom.

Starting from 1350€

What it includes:

  • Detailed map of the set up location is sent to you in advance.
  • Decoration items and floral arrangements.
  • Celtic music.
  • Celtic ritual.
  • Full proposal plan outlining details, timings, location suggestions and more.
  • Proposal planning consultations in run up to the proposal.
  • A proposal planner to be with you on the day.
  • Available daily 9am to 8pm. Reservations require 20 days notice.